Bread Gulab Jamun Video

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Ingredients :

Sweet/Milk Bread
Milk – 1 cup
Oil for frying
Sugar – 1 cup
A few Cardamom pods

How to make Bread Gulab Jamun:

Trim the sides of the bread, Pour milk onto a plate and dip both sides of the bread.

Break each dipped slice into half and roll into a sphere while you squeeze off any excess milk.

Leave the rolled bread aside for about ten minutes, while you boil a little water and sugar in a vessel to make a thick sugar syrup.

Add cardamom powder once the sugar is melted and leave aside to cool.

Now heat up oil in another vessel to deep fry the bread rolls. Make sure that the rolls don’t touch each other while frying.

Maintain the flame at a medium-low until the rolls cook right through to emerge golden brown.

Add the fried rolls to the syrup and let it soak in sugar syrup for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, take it out & roll in sugar before you serve your mouth watering Bread dry-jamun.



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