Indian Recipes of the Year 2012

Chicken Biryani Video

Chicken Biryani is most popular Indian rice recipe around the globe. Chicken Biryani is a popular recipe of Hyderabad. It has a lengthy preparation, but the work is definitely worth it.

An authentic and delicious dish prepared with chicken pieces, basmati rice and spices. Watch this Video and learn to cook Chicken Biryani.

September 10th, 2012

Chicken Fried Rice


Chicken pieces 1 cup
Basmati rice 2 cups
Carrot chopped 1
Cabbage chopped 1/2 cup
Capsicum chopped 1
Spring onion 1 string
Soya sauce 1 tbsp
Vinegar 2 tsp
Tomato sauce 1 tsp
Ginger chopped 1 tbsp
Green chilly 5-6
Oil 1 tbsp


How to make Chicken Fried rice:

Wash chicken and boil with little salt.

Wash rice and soak in a water for 30 min.

Cook rice 3/4th and drain out water.

keep aside.

Cut all vegetables.

In a pan heat oil and add green chilly pieces and ginger pieces.

Add chopped vegetables and boiled chicken pieces.

Fry for 2-3 min.

Then add cooked rice and mix well.

Now add soya sauce, vinegar, tomato sauce and salt.

Mix well and garnish with chopped spring onions.

Chicken fried rice is ready.

January 10th, 2012

Chicken Fried Rice Video

Nowadays Chicken Fried Rice is going to be a very famous dish. Everybody likes to eat this spicy rice.

Cooking Chicken Fried Rice cannot get simpler than this. Check it out this episode of Home cooking and learn how to make Chicken Fried Rice at home.
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December 6th, 2012

Chicken Fry Video

Many dishes can be made with chicken but one of the most favorite dishes for everyone is the chicken fry. Watch the video to learn how to fry chicken to make it yummy!

August 17th, 2012

Chicken Kurma Video

In this cookery video we have come up with a lip smacking dish ‘Chicken Kurma’ that many like to have it anytime. The gravy Chicken Kurma is a gastronomic dish that can be taken in breakfast, lunch or dinner. Watch video recipe to know how to make this chicken dish.

August 13th, 2012

Chicken Pagoda Video

Chicken Pagoda (Pakoda) is an easy to make healthy snack with a lip smacking taste. Watch the video to learn how to make this starter dish.

August 18th, 2012

Chicken Sandwich Video

Who don’t like Sandwiches? Everyone loves this light snack. This video cookery show details the yummy Sandwich making process with making it tasty by adding chicken.

August 11th, 2012

Chocolate Fondue Video

Watch this video to learn how to make Chocolate fondue.

Chocolate fondue is an simple dessert with a combination of chocolate, butter, fresh cream, & vanilla essence. We all love chocolates!

August 11th, 2012

Coconut Milk Pulao Video

Coconut milk pulao is a delicious dish from Kerala. The authentic Kerala style and flavor in cooking are retained in this pulao, a mouth watering dish. Watch the video and post your cooking experience.

August 20th, 2012

Corn & Capsicum Fusion Video

If regular dishes gets you bored, then its time for fusion dishes. Try out the all new Corn and capsicum fusion dish. Watch the video to learn how to make Corn & Capsicum Fusion dish.

August 12th, 2012

Cotton Candy Video

There are some things which take you back to your childhood. Candy floss is undoubtedly one of them. Candy floss as Indians or Brits call it, is also known as Cotton Candy or even fairy floss. Candy floss contains just one ingredient-sugar. Floss is nothing but a spun sugar, where a small amount of sugar is made into a giant its obvious that one candy floss gives you lots of simple carbohydrates, and hence lots of calories. Click to see full recipe »

October 3rd, 2012

Dal Makhani Video

Dal Makhani is a staple food originating from the Punjab. Dal Makhani is very popular due to its versatility and the rich Vegetarian dish can be served as a main meal. Makhani is the Punjabi word for buttery and this sure lives up to its name of Buttery Lentils.Dal Makhani is a combination of whole Urad and red Kidney beans. It goes great with Naan or Tandoori Roti. Click to see full recipe »

October 1st, 2012

Dal Tadka Video

Dal is a staple dish in several Indian households and is generally eaten with rice. Tadka is a generic term which refers to adding the spices to the hot oil or Ghee and then adding this tadka into your dish. This tasty and yet easy-to-cook Dal dish is hugely popular in India.

Dal is one of the major sources of Protein in Indian Vegetarian meal. Watch this video and learn how to cook the recipe of Dal Tadka.

September 2nd, 2012

Egg Curry with tamarind puree Video

Eggs are very high in protein and are quite versatile. Many vegetarians will also eat eggs even though they do not eat meat. If you enjoy spicy egg dishes, you will for sure want to try this one. Click to see full recipe »

October 28th, 2012

Evolution Cocktail Video

Evolution Cocktail is a mix of Angostura bitters, Pimm’s No. 1 – a herb flavor liquor, Bacardi, Basil leaves, Lime juice and Honey.
Evolution Cocktail is a fusion 9 (chennai) signature creation by Manoj.

September 11th, 2012

Fish Fry Video Recipe

Are you bored having Chicken and Meat all the time. If yes, then start to eat fish.

Eating fish is an excellent way to get some of the vital nutrients your body needs. Different types of fish contain differing amounts and types of vitamins. Fish is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients. Watch this Fish Fry video recipe and learn how to cook it.
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November 21st, 2012

Fruit Custard


Custard powder (Vanilla flavor) 40 gms
Milk 500 ml

You can choose any fruits except watermelon. Remove seeds if there any.

How to make Fruit Custard:

In a cup of warm milk add custard powder and mix well without any lumps.

Boil the milk.

Add sugar according to your taste.

Mix finely.

Add custard paste to the milk.

Stir continuously and cook until milk becomes thick.

Allow to cool and refrigerate.

It will become more thick when cooled.

Cut fruits.

In a bowl arrange fruit pieces and pour chilled custard paste.

Serve immediately.

November 22nd, 2012

Green Sea Cocktail Video

Green Sea Cocktail Recipe:
View following video to learn how to make Green Sea Cocktail. On The Rocks Green Sea Cocktail recipe by Manoj from Fusion 9 Chennai, India.

August 2nd, 2012

Kerala Chicken Video

In summer, what could be better than visiting God’s own country Kerala … But it’s not summer time now. Still, we can have fun eating Kerala chicken. It is mouth watering, tummy filling and calorie conscious as well. Don’t know how to cook Kerala chicken dish? No worry, watch the video and learn how to make it.

August 19th, 2012

Litchi Sweet Video Recipe

Litchi is a fruit which is cultivated in many parts of the world. The fresh fruit has a delicate, whitish pulp with a floral smell, fragrant and sweet flavor. Litchi is a popular sweet often made and served during festive seasons or at some celebratory occasions.

In this Video Litchi sweet is made by Khoya and Sugar which is shaped as a Litchi Fruit. Watch this Video and learn how to make Litchi Sweet.
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November 5th, 2012

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