Chicken Sandwich

March 19th, 2009 Author: Vaibhavi


Bread slices 8-10
Mayonnaise 3 tbsp
Grated Cheese 2 tbsp
Boneless chicken 2 cups
Carrot 1
Onion 1
Cucumber 1
Tomato sauce 1 tbsp
Chilli sauce 1 tsp
Pepper powder 1 tsp


How to make Chicken Sandwich:

Boil the chicken and make pieces.

Add mayonnaise,cheese,tomato sauce,chilly sauce, pepper powder and salt.

Grate carrot,onion and cucumber.

Add in above mixture.

Mix finely.

Cut the edges of the bread.

Spread the mixture evenly on the one side of the bread.

Place another bread slice on it.

Press slightly.

Cut the sandwich in triangle shape.

Chicken sandwich is ready.



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