Til Halwa

January 4th, 2008 Author: Vaibhavi


White til (sesame seeds) 50 gm
Sugar 250 gm
Water 1 cup


How to make Til Halwa:

First clean the til.

In a pan add sugar and water.

Allow to boil to make sugar syrup on low flame.

Remove dirt while making syrup.

Make syrup of 1 string.

Place big thali on fire.

Pour sesame seeds on hot dish.

Spread seeds and allow to splutter.

Now add 1 tsp of sugar syrup and mix with wooden spatula.

Keep the flame low.

Add another tsp of syrup and mix with spatula.

(Actually syrup should be spread by hand but it is risky.)

Repeat the same procedure till size you want (big or small).

Til halwa is ready.

You can add colour in syrup to make colourful til halwa.

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